Ghartey VI

Known in private life as Kweku Atta Ghartey, he was born to Opanyin Kojo Ghartey and Obaapanyin Ekua Ghanney on April 22, 1920 in Winneba. He started his education at the Winneba Methodist School and proceeded to Mfantsipin School, Cape Coast for his secondary education. He left the shores of the Gold Coast to the United States where he pursued a course in Civil Engineering at the University of Ohio and completed in 1951 with a bachelor’s degree.

He returned to Ghana on completing his course and was employed by the government service. After a duty tour in Ghana as a public servant, he travelled to the United Kingdom where he pursued a graduate programme at the University of Birmingham. Back home with a M. Sc. in Civil Engineering, he served in the Political Administration of the then Gold Coast Civil Service at Cape Coast from 1939 to 1947 and then went on posting to other areas. In 1962 he was seconded to the United Nations International Labour Organisation (ILO) in Geneva as an Engineering Management Advisor. He served in the Regional Office of the ILO at Addis Ababa in 1967 and then at Lagos as the West African Area Officer from 1969 to 1979.

He was instrumental in the establishment of the Management Development and Productivity Institute and the National Vocational Institutes in Ghana while in charge of ILO activities in West Africa. He returned to Geneva in 1979 and after four years of service retired in 1980.

He was enstooled Effutu Oma Odefe on December 11, 1993 but was taken ill soon after the enstoolment. As fate would have it, Neenyi Ghartey VI never recovered and passed away on Tuesday, February 8, 1994. He was buried with full honours as Effutu Oma Odefe. It was the shortest reign by an Otuano ruler on the Otuano stool.

Name: Kweku Atta Ghartey
Date of Birth: April 22, 1920
Death: December 11, 1993

Simpa Odebikɛse…

Subor abor a oboor sar. Kor ɛsuantse bae. Egyanom mpanyin a wodze nsapan kyer Owansen enyikan. Ma wotow abaw hyia hon. Oman a ahenfo ekunyin na ebirɛmpon ko mu. Kɛtɛse nyindzee ho nworaba fi no mpoano. Nyew Effutu Simpa. Nyew Simpa odebikɛse a.