Fire Tender for Winneba Fire Station

The Central Region Fire Officer, Assistant Chief Fire Officer (ACFO) John Amarlai Amartey, has commissioned a fire tender donated to Winneba Fire Service Station by Charlottesville City of USA

King Ghartey with dignitaries

Fire Department. It has been named after King Ghartey IV, the first President of the Fante Confederation. The donation was through the efforts of Neenyi Ghartey VII Effutu Oma Odefe, (The Efuttu State Paramount Chief), the Effutu Traditional Council, and the people of Charlottesville Fire Department to further bond the relationship between the two cities.

ACFO Amartey expressed gratitude to Neenyi Ghartey and Nana Acheampong Ghartey the President of Winneba Sister City Foundation for ensuring that the truck was successfully shipped from the United States to Ghana.

Nana Acheampong Ghartey, President of Winneba City Foundation, expressed gratitude to Charlottesville Fire Department, explaining that the relationship between Winneba and Charlottesville started in 2010 and the latter had since then donated a number of items including, firefighting Jackets, cylinders, and medical consumables to Institutions in Effutu.

He commended the Chief Fire Commander, Effutu Traditional Council, and the Assembly for their contribution to the success of the Service. He hoped they would continue with the excellent work being done to receive more support from the Sister Cities relationship.

Neenyi Ghartey, thanked his family members in and across the globe, for responding to his appeal and all who in diverse ways contributed towards the shipment of the fire tender to Effutuman.