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Aboakyer Festival

The natives of Simpa (Winneba) adore and hold in high esteem their principal deity, Penkye Otu, for leading their ancestors through the arduous journey from Timbuktu to their present settlement. Oral records indicate that all along this route, their leaders propitiated the deity for all forms of protection against the numerous challenges that confronted them, including diseases and hunger. At their present location, the annual rites were performed by the principal elders of the Otuano Royal House who established Simpa (Winneba).

About Winneba

Winneba is the capital town of the Effutu Municipality in the Central Region of Ghana. The population of Winneba is 55,331. Winneba, traditionally known as Simpa, is a historic fishing port, 140 kilometers (90 mi) east of Cape Coast.

The primary industries of Winneba are fishing and services. It is known for the Aboakyer festival and its New Year fancy dress carnival/masquerading festival. The town has a rich musical tradition and currently boasts several renowned musical groups in the country, including the Winneba Youth Choir, the Osimpam Ompeh group, and the Akoo show Choir.

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